Make Your Own Comics!
Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to create your own blank comic books! Kids, you may need your parents' help. Parents, you may need your kids' help.

Step 1.

1 X 2

2 X 3
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Step 2.
Print out a few of each kind of page. The pages are double-sided, so if your printer only prints on one side, put the printed pages back in your printer and print the other side. Be sure to test this with one page first to make sure you're printing on the blank side!
Step 3.
Fold each page in half.
Step 4.
Also fold some blank pages in half. These will be your covers, so fold one for every blank comic you want to make. I like to use heavier stock for this, but regular paper works fine.
Step 5.
Sandwich the pages together. Mix and match! Each sheet of paper is four pages of comic, so you don't need too many--start with just two or three.
Step 6.

Slightly tricky part: Lightly bend the pages of one side of your comic so it will fit into a stapler. Stamp two staples right onto the creased spine of your book. This will hold your pages in place. Pull the comic out and smooth out the pages.

Step 7.
Draw your comic! Create your cover! Fill each panel! Tell a story! Load it up with as much (or as little) action and adventure as you like!